Grieving by the Numbers provides the much-needed comfort, encouragement, and hope at a time of darkness one may experience after a profound loss. Seeing the hand our Heavenly Father in the numbers, dates, colors, and every tiny detail of the fabric of your life will enable you to experience joy and serenity as He turns your mourning into dancing and gives you beauty for ashes.

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"I got to know Jan shortly after her husband, Del's, sudden passing. I was amazed by her humble steady faith in her Heavenly Father's love while in the midst of such sorrow. In John 16 Jesus said, ‘In this life you will have trouble, but take courage, I have overcome the world.’ Over the following year, I witnessed Jan grieve courageously. As though she believed God's love was powerful enough to overcome, to heal, to redeem her families broken world. 


Over the following year, Jan chronicled her and the family's journey through the valley of the shadow. She wrote candidly about pain and loss. She wrote lovingly about Del - his wisdom and sense of humor. She wrote with revelation about God's goodness, His faithfulness. And along the way she experienced and wrote down how God heals.


Jan is a gifted writer, a wonderful storyteller. She writes with wisdom and grace. Her words are an invitation into the love of God, an invitation into trust and intimacy. Grieving by the Numbers is a masterpiece on the healing and redemptive nature of God's love in the midst of sorrow. I am honored to recommend her book. I believe it will release courage and healing to all those who have experienced their own trouble."

Jason Clark, 

Author of Prone to Love and God Is (Not) In Control

After the sudden death of her childhood sweetheart, Jan Teel was faced with a season she felt unprepared to traverse through without his guidance. Del Teel had been the voice of wisdom and support to her and their four children for as long as her heart could remember. In confronting her widowhood, she sought the voice and counsel of the One to whom both she and her late husband had turned in times of sorrow and joy. As the succession of days unfolded, she began placing entries onto social media at the weekly marker from the date of his death. She shared the discovery of the numeric meaning of each week and how it correlated with every step of her family’s journey.  The discovery of the numeric symbolism propelled her forward toward a deeper understanding of grief and the hope that lies beyond the moments of profound loss.

Just as a paint-by-numbers canvas holds the keys to replicating a masterpiece when one has completed the task of applying each color painstakingly, Jan experienced the beauty for ashes transformation that came as she allowed the Creator to paint a new canvas for her. The manner that He used was through the revelation of unlocking His mysteries in the numbers.


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